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Program Director


Hannah Michaelsen, ext 102

"I have been the director at Care since 2019, but first got connected many years ago as a parent needing guidance and support. Our team's lived experiences makes us uniquely qualified to support and serve other Contra Costa families of children with special needs and disabilities. During my free time, I enjoy CrossFit; I dance hula; and I enjoy traveling with my family."

Administrative Assistant


Tracey Phinney                      

"I have been working in this field for 17 years and 16 of those years have been with Vistability, formerly Contra Costa ARC. I am currently serving Care Parent Network as the Administrative Assistant which is rewarding as I get to assist our Family Support Specialists and our Director who helps thousands of families who depend on us to help them navigate through the Special Needs service system. It is a blessing to be a part of an agency that truly is making a difference in so many families. In my spare time, I am a Live Scan owner/operator which helps individuals obtain employment, do volunteer work and obtain licensure in many different fields of work." 

Family Support Specialists


Shital Agrawalla, ext 108

"I believe Parents are the Experts on their Child .With information and tools they can be the greatest advocate for their loved one. I connected with CARE Parent Network to empower myself on my special needs parenting journey. Now I am proud to share it with other families. I am passionate about supporting and helping other families with a special loved one."


Rosario Contreras   
rcontreras@carep, ext 110


Evelyn Garcia   
egarcia@careparentnetw, ext 112


Susy Garcia   
sgarcia@car, ext 104

"In 2000, my story with CARE began as a mother who did not have any knowledge about special needs and all the services that my son needed, thanks to the guidance and dedication of my colleagues I learned,  became a volunteer and now I am part of this team. In my free time I love to travel."


Angela Gattis, e
xt 105

"Originally from Colombia. Mother of 2 fabulous adults. I have worked at CPN for over 21 years where I have had the opportunity to meet amazing families who have taught me about resilience, passion and hope. In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, gardening and decorating spaces."


Estela Nunez, ext 111

"As a mother of a child with special needs, I have learned that we are the best advocates for our children and that we are their voice. I am grateful for all the good and bad that I have experienced because it has helped me to be strong, the bad as learning and the good that each achievement, however small it may be, is to celebrate, and that each one helps us. May everything I know today serve to help each family that needs my support."


Dorothy Weisenberger, ext 107

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